An old asset with
new features

Backed 1:1 by physical gold, the wGLD token offers a new ecosystem with a wealth of opportunities

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Own a piece of physical gold without the hassle:
Buy wGLD via a decentralized secure platform.
Never miss a trade: Buy and sell anytime, anywhere.


This 24/7/365 exchange widget allows you to create wGLD buy/sell orders over the secure, fast and cost effective Optimism Layer 2 blockchain. Connect your wallet and select the Optimism network as the default transaction layer to carry out your instant transaction. 

1 wGLD = 1 Fine Troy ounce of gold

Backed by Physical Gold

Each wGLD token represents fractional ownership of physical gold, ensuring its intrinsic value and stability. The gold is custodied with the Royal Canadian Mint.

Easily Transferable

Leveraging blockchain technology, gold becomes weightless and easy to transfer. Transactions are instant and cost-effective, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Secure and Transparent

Built on the trusted Ethereum network, wGLD tokens offer robust security and transparency. This allows you to safeguard and track your assets at all times.

24/7 Trading

Access wGLD anytime, anywhere in the world, 24/7/365. Gold is now accessible at all times, giving you further control over your assets.

Make the Most of Your Money

Unlike other digital gold tokens, wGLD offers additional benefits. The Wellfield ecosystem provides high-quality gold fixed-income products deriving value from the liquidity of wGLD spot trading.


Easily storable

Easily transportable




Traded 24/7


What’s in it for you?

Holding physical gold, digitally, is just the start. Put your gold to work and earn yields like never before, revolutionizing the way we save and grow our portfolios. To discover the unique advantages of wGLD, and to gain early access, with unique terms. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. 

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